Wine and Wallop

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    • Saturday: 10am–1am
    • Sunday: 10am–11pm
    • Monday: 10am–11pm
    • Tuesday: 10am–11pm
    • Wednesday: 10am–11pm
    • Thursday: 10am–12am
    • Friday: 10am–1am

December 2022: Wine & Wallop have re-added the vegan burger and vegan breakfast to their menu!

June 2022: Wine & Wallop no longer do the vegan burger, or any vegan hot meals 😔

March 2022: "Not an easy subject to photograph, the ol’ vegan burger. Look at that healthy sized portion of chips though! NGL, the removal of half the vegan options at @wineandwallop_prestwich after the rebrand stung but it’s a decent burger and a nice atmosphere in the afternoons."

UPDATE 2022: 'Folk' is now called 'Wine and Wallop', with a smaller vegan menu

December 2021: "Folk Prestwich hasn't been mentioned here for a while, but we've had lunch there a few times lately and it's been great each time. Highly recommend the vegan slider burger and the sweet potato chips, but the vegan breakfast is also good. Nice beers, too.

When they'd just opened it felt like orders got mixed up fairly often and the service was pretty haphazard, but lately we've had no problems on that front - at least at lunch time on a weekday!"

December 2019: "Managed to pop over to Folk (on bury new road, where solita used to be) today for lunch. They have a few good options for us and cake! Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. We'll definitely be back."

Last Updated: 18 December 2022

Wine and WallopWine and WallopWine and WallopWine and Wallop

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