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Loads of veggie / organic options, fresh hot and cold food, very little plastic on the vegetables and pulses, and you can take your empty grains, pasta, rice, soap, shampoo bottles etc to be refilled!

October 2022: "Lunch is a piping hot mug of tea and the new vegan cheese toasty from @villagegreens. No word of a lie: one of the finest toasties I’ve had ever."

September 2022: "I used to love lemon meringue pie. Not had it for years. Just been in Village Greens and, lo and behold, there’s a vegan lemon meringue pie in the chiller. Just scoffing it now - yummy!"

November 2020: "We've had a few fruit & veg boxes over the last few weeks from Village Greens Prestwich and I highly recommend them - the diversity of veg has forced us to be more creative with our lockdown cooking, it's available when supermarket deliveries aren't, it supports a local cooperative business, you get a good amount for your money, and there's no plastic either <3"

"They are amazing ! Well worth a visit to the shop also. They have very high cleaning standards, card only are very friendly and helpful!"

"Fabulous shop. They sell things you cant get in supermarkets"

"We get the vast majority of our shopping there and it's really good quality plus the staff are so helpful"

Last Updated: 6 November 2022

Village GreensVillage GreensVillage Greens

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