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September 2023: "We had lunch at the Coffee Sack today - their new spiced chickpea salad stuff is lush! They've got a full vegan menu (you gotta ask for it) and the coffee and cakes are always A++ too. Highly recommend checking them out"

July 2023: "New fave! Cauliflower and vegan halloumi salad from @coffeesackprestwich- you have to ask for vegan halloumi, which comes nicely crisped up. Yum!"

April 2023: "What’s better than a lovely healthy lunch at @coffeesackprestwich on a sunny spring day? 💚"

December 2022: "Oh hey! @coffeesackprestwich have a new vegan menu out. What do we think? They’ve been consistently offering vegan cake recently as well"

September 2022: "Did you know @coffeesackprestwich now do vegan cakes? Usually one or two different options every time we go there these days. As big cake fanatics we’re glad to be able to get a fix at one of our favorite spots!"

June 2022: "Vegan menus have arrived @coffeesackprestwich and they’re pretty great, in our opinion! Lots of choice, all very clear. Great job, folks!"

June 2022: "Swung by @thecoffeesack this afternoon for lunch, just in time to try their new vegan option: smashed chickpea salad! Very tasty. It’s replacing the falafel wrap on their menu, but fear not! Your can sell get falafel as an extra. They’re also having a separate vegan menu printed as we speak, hopefully that’ll be available next time we’re there. A very considerate step and we love to see it 💚"

April 2022: "Feels like salad season! We had a beautiful, healthy lunch at the Coffee Sack this afternoon in the sunshine. Followed up this bevvy of veg with a delicious chocolate torte, all 100% #vegan. AND the staff were lovely 💚"

Last Updated: 8 September 2023

The Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee SackThe Coffee Sack

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