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    • Monday: 5–11pm
    • Tuesday: 5–11pm
    • Wednesday: 5–11pm
    • Thursday: 5–11pm
    • Friday: 4:30pm–12am
    • Saturday: 4:30pm–12am
    • Sunday: 5–11pm

September 2023: "Saffron Express has plenty of vegan options, and I'm in love with their korma"

"Saffron is the best curry house in prestwich"

"Saffron Express are SO helpful with vegan stuff and so so lovely. They do me a vegan korma sometimes with just coconut milk (not what you're after obviously 😂 but they go out of their way!) Definitely give them a try some time!"

"Saffron express! they are all proper lovely and go out of their way to make anything vegan. I get a vegan madras from there quite often so a vindaloo will be more than possible 👍"

January 2020: "They've been mentioned a few times before, but I highly recommend Saffron Express for any curry-loving local veegs.

I just swung by (first time I'd collected) and the friendly fella running it totally understood what 'vegan' means, offered to customise every dish to our taste, and didn't blink at being given our containers to fill (although they're not the worst offfenders on the plastic front anyway). You can get a pint at Maggies next door while you wait, too.

And the curry is lush!"

September 2018: "Saffron Express on Bury Old Road is the best for an Indian. Before we went vegan we ordered from them regularly but since we’ve gone vegan, they’ve been really accommodating and they’ll talk you through the menu and what you’ve ordered and let you know if it’s vegan or can be made vegan. The food arrives quickly, is very reasonably priced and is so delicious and they always label it ‘no ghee’ etc. Highly recommend ☺️"

Last Updated: 8 September 2023

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