Nonna's Delicatessen

December 2022: "I’ve just had this huge slice of vegan chocolate and raspberry cake at Nona’s. I also bought all the cheese for my vegan cheese board for Xmas"

"I have had that cake and it is incredible! I also got the Herby goats 'I am nut ok' for Xmas day ✨ god bless Nonna's!!"

October 2022 "👋 I just wanted to give a massive shout out to Nonna's Delicatessen for their new vegan cheese range from I AM NUT OK. I’ve tried so many bad vegan cheeses I almost gave up, but so glad I didn’t! I’ve only tried the herby goat’s cheese so far but will definitely be going back and trying all the others ❤️"

October 2022: "If you’ve not checked out Nonna’s yet they do delicious vegan cakes. I had the Bakewell tart the other week and it was really good! They also have vegan ice cream and a vegan sharing board, but I haven’t tried those yet ♥️"

September 2022: "Welcome to the neighbourhood @nonnasprestwich! It’s opening weekend and the new deli on the block is off to a great start by the looks of things. Pictured is their vegan sharing board including soft and hard cheeses, spicy nduja, delicious pesto, and more, plus their biscoff cheese cake - just one of three vegan cakes on offer! So impressed 🌟 We’ll be back soon."

Last Updated: 18 December 2022

Nonna's DelicatessenNonna's DelicatessenNonna's DelicatessenNonna's Delicatessen

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