Goods In

  • Address: Stella House, Unit 2A, Infant St
  • Postcode: M25 1SS
  • Phone: 0161 536 7869

  • Times
    • Wed & Thu 10am - 10pm
    • Fri 10am - midnight
    • Sat 9am - midnight
    • Sun 9am - 8pm

May 2024: "Friday evening trip to @thegoodsinmcr for our tea. The green goddess hamburger with some crispy tats hit the spot!"

September 2023: "A bunch of vegan cakes at Goods In today 💜"

June 2023: "Friends! You really need to come down to @thegoodsinmcr some weekend evening and try the @thechaatwalas take over menu. So, so delicious. It’s on Thursday, Friday, Saturday for the next 6 weeks. Best part: the menu is 100% vegan 🌱 Pictured are the Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Keema Fries, and Samosa Chaat. We got this combo for £25!"

March 2023: "The Goods In have done a little shake up of their daytime menu, adding a handful of vegan sides and a new main - cauliflower shawarma! So good. Stiff competition for their vegan breakfast options."

January 2023: "Managed to get some of those Goods In tacos after getting turned away last weekend! This weekend we got the last of the cauliflower - clearly the veegs are coming out in force to try these. Well worth the wait. The chilli was particularly flavourful and the taco shells were just the right amount of crunch. They’re available every weekend but remember to book!"

December 2022: "Goods In serving up some excellent Christmas pudding shaped vegan cookies this week! They taste like a chocolate brownie but in a biscuit, ie excellent. We’ve heard rumours of the return of vegan snowman muffins as well but you’ll have to be quick off the draw to get one!"

October 2022: "Braved the rain for a crispy vegan breakfast butty from @thegoodsinmcr. No regrets!"

June 2022: "Lovely vegan desserts @thegoodsinmcr this afternoon! I can never resist a dark choc and sea salt cookie, and the lemon and blueberry cake was gooey delicious 💕"

April 2022: "We love love LOVE the vegan breakfast from @thegoodsinmcr. Especially at lunch time with a house chai on the side 😋☕️"

January 2022: "I did have a fantastic vegan breakfast at The Goods Inn last week. Really imaginative food, put together with thought, rather than just the standard replacing individual items with vegan sausages etc. The menu said their sausages are homemade and I'd love to know what is in them. They were gorgeous."

October 2021: "There's a new vegan-friendly hipster bar opposite Heaton Park Metrolink stop, 'The Goods In' - popped in there last weekend and had a very delicious vegan 'hoagie' sandwich, fried nibbles, a plant milk chai, and a fancy IPA. Recommended!"

"We love the Goods in! It opened during lock down, and its great! Food offering is awesome, and the vegan cinnamon doughnuts are great too!"

Last Updated: 13 May 2024

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