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February 2022: "Oumph on offer in Farm Foods. Mince and meat balls 99p each or 2 for £1.50! Absolute bargain if you like this range 👍"

"Thanks for this, got some today 👍. They had the Green cuisine “chicken” dippers for £1 too. And alpro barista milk £1 a litre and some 1l oat milk for 29p (califa farms one)."

September 2018 "There's some really good vegan bits in Farm Foods Prestwich.. some Farm Foods, Linda McCartney and Veggie Kitchen! I love the Veggie Kitchen Meatballs, so nice! There's a few bits in the freezer that are just veggie so just keep an eye out"

February 2019 "Ooh, Farm foods have expanded their vegan stuff to two whole fridges and put everything on offer. Cheap magnums FTW!"

Last Updated: 19 February 2022


Tags: freezer, supermarket