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December 2023: "We went to Dokes for a vegan roast. The roast vegetables and greens were really good.The broccoli was perfectly cooked but came in a sauce I didn't like. The nut roast was a bit sloppy but tasted good. A bit pricier than Place and Palette but worth a visit!"

March 2023: "Finally got myself back to @dokesprestwich this weekend! Last time I went was right after they opened. Seems like the menu has been streamlined a bit. They’ve got this lovely mushroom and truffle oil pizza as a vegan option, and are willing to adapt their other options with vegan cheese and topping substitutions. I have to say this pizza was delicious though, so I’d happily have it again!"

October 2022: "Went for a meal at Dokes Pizzeria in the village last night and have to admit it’s the best Vegan Pizza I’ve found in 3 years !"

September 2022: "Dokes Pizzeria is incredible, been there twice already. They don't have vegan cheese (who even likes that stuff?!) but an incredible choice of vegan options and not just pizza"

August 2022: "So just been to Dokes Pizzeria tonight.. simply stunning.. food, service, ambience. The staff were so incredibly willing and helpful in making our first visit there so wonderful.. the vegan options (there were indeed a few and their pasta is sourced from Yorkshire and is 'accidentally vegan') were so damn tasty. It really takes a skilled chef to make italian food taste incredible without using cheese IMO! They absolutely nailed it! So get your pizza on and try that place out pronto! Oh and I'm not on commission! 🤣 P.s. ate the food too quick to take a pic of it, but here's the lovely venue instead!"

August 2022: "Welcome to Prestwich, @dokesprestwich! We popped in the other day and had some really tasty pizza and sides. Seems like the staff are still getting the hang of the menu, but they were happy to check on the vegan-ness of their options. We got there in the end and there was plenty for us to choose from. Thanks guys! "

Last Updated: 10 December 2023

Dokes PizzaDokes PizzaDokes PizzaDokes Pizza

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