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    • Mon: Closed
    • Tues-Fri: Hatch 09.00-22.00 / Bar 12.00-22.00
    • Sat: Hatch 10.00-22.00 / Bar 10.00-22.00
    • Sun: Hatch 10.00-21.00 / Bar 10.00-22.00

Vegan cheese on their pizzas is available on request, plus they have a few vegan options nibbles-wise - sweet potato fries, falafel, hummus, pitta etc.

December 2022: "really tasty pizza, falafel and hummus from Cuckoo's Prestwich the other day. they've got nice vegan cheese, but from past visits I know the cheese-less pizzas are also A++. great coffee, too!"

"The best pizza and their falafel and hummus is amazing too 👍"

May 2022: "Dropped in to @cuckoo_prestwich for lunch and got ourselves some delicious 'make your own' vegan pizzas. I went for olives and asparagus and my date chose peppers and wild mushrooms. Both very tasty with a lovely crispy base 🍕"

March 2022: "The Hirsch pizza at cuckoo is my favourite ! 😍"

March 2022: "Had pizza for lunch at Cuckoo the other day, and falafel and hummus on the side, very delicious, would recommend! Nice beers too."

Last Updated: 5 December 2022


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