Bakers' Bakery

Online independent bakery based in Manchester, we specialise in seasonal plant based treats. Specialises in seasonal brownie boxes as well as seasonal specials

"I started Bakers' Bakery in October 2018, due to a love of baking and a passion about healthy eating. I wanted to create a range of sweet and savoury treats that are delicious, seasonal and full of fruit and veg.

Bakers' Bakery mission is to promote the enjoyment of eating more fruit and vegetables within our diet; through sweet and savoury snacks, along with highlighting local and seasonal produce.

As a result Bakers' Bakery produces vegan fruit as well as vegetable brownies, in order to highlight the beautiful flavours and natural sweetness. Our brownies contain less sugar, salt and fat compared to commercial brownies.

Bakers' also produces savoury muffins, for all those who prefer savoury to sweet treats. Our vegetarian muffins include unique vegetable and cheese combinations; with burst of flavours from herbs and spices."

Last Updated: 25 November 2020

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